July 28, 2020 IBHE has updated "Higher Education in Illinois: Safely Launching Academic Year 2020"

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Created by the General Assembly in 1961, the Illinois Board of Higher Education is the coordinating body for the state's systems of college and universities including: nine public universities on 12 campuses; 39 community colleges on 48 campuses; 104 independent not-for-profit colleges and universities; 15 independent for-profit institutions; and 26 out-of-state institutions. IBHE also oversees 213 private business and vocational schools, along with 79 extension campuses. Private business and vocational schools are privately owned/operated and educate students who have a high school degree or equivalent in preparation for a trade, vocation, or profession.

The IBHE Board is comprised of 16 members, ten of which are appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate. One member each of a public university governing board and of a private college/university board is appointed by the Governor. Also serving are the chairman of the Illinois Community College Board; the chairman of the Illinois Student Assistance Commission; and two student members. One of the 10 appointed by the Governor with the consent of the Senate must be a faculty member at an Illinois public university.


Board Members
Board Meetings
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Legislative Reports
Higher Education Contacts Directory
Org. Chart of Higher Education in Illinois
Contact Us


New Resource for Educators

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IBHE staff has developed a compilation of links to resources for students that focus on topics such as time management, strategies for e-learning, and maintaining connectivity.

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Remote Learning Webinars

Best Practices for Postsecondary Administrators Transitioning to Remote Learning

View Webinar

Best Practices for Postsecondary Faculty Transitioning to Remote Learning

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Developmental Education Joint Advisory Council

Learn more about developmental education reform in Illinois.

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IBHE and ICCB have issued an FAQ on the amended Illinois Articulation Initiative Act to require acceptance of courses with a pass / credit / satisfactory determination for the purposes of transfer and fulfilling prerequisite requirements.

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Thought Paper on Institutional Closure

A State Perspective on Consumer Protection in the Changing Higher Education Landscape: Practical Steps and Recommendations in Cases of Institutional Closure...

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Tuesday, August 4, 2020 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

To be conducted by telephone and video conference as permitted by Public Act 101-0640 enacted June 12, 2020 and the Illinois Governor’s Disaster Proclamation dated July 24, 2020

Registration is required to join this event.
If you have not registered, please click the link below.


Meeting Notice (PDF) Agenda and Materials


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2019 Outmigration Context:
College Enrollment Patterns

Infographic: Private Business and
Vocational Schools

Where do Illinois Graduates Work?

What do Illinois residents pay at Illinois public universities relative to out-of-state schools?

Fall 2018 Enrollment Snapshot for
Illinois Public Universities

Transfer Success in Illinois

Shift to Tuition and Fees from State Appropriations

Illinois Proud: Completing College

2018 Admitted Freshman - Who Enrolls Where?

Undergraduate Degree and Certificate Productivity at Illinois Public Universities

Illinois Proud: Diversity Update 2019

60% x 2025 Goal for Illinois Update

Illinois Proud (2019): Completing College

Data Points from 2015-2018


Midstate College Closure (pdf)

Argosy University (Chicago) Important Information

Profiles of Illinois Colleges & Universities

Letter from Argosy University Campus President Kevin Beaver (pdf)

Directory of Illinois Private Business & Vocational Schools (PBVS)

University to Operate in Illinois (pdf)

PBVS Closed School List and Transcript Request Form


Midstate College Closure (pdf)

Approval and Review Process for Colleges and Universities

Approval and Review Process for Private Business and Vocational Schools (PBVS)

State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA)


Profiles of Illinois Colleges and Universities


This tool includes location and contact information for all private business and vocational schools (PBVS) and their extension campuses that are approved for operation by the Illinois Board of Higher Education. The tool also provides a list of approved programs at each school and extension campus.


This tool encompasses all Illinois degree-granting institutions and includes each institution’s program inventory; success measures; financial information; and top programs based on enrollment and degrees. It also allows for institutional comparisons among similar colleges.


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This highlights IBHE budget recommendations and includes information on operations funding and supports, grants, and capital improvements.

Faculty Salary

The resource provides salary and benefit information for full-time and part-time administrators and instructional staff at Illinois’ public universities. The database is searchable by name, position and job title.

Student Complaint System

This tool allows an individual to register a formal complaint against an institution with IBHE. After someone has made all attempts to resolve the issue(s) with the given institution, IBHE may intercede depending upon pertinent laws governing agency oversight.

College2Career System

The tool provides an opportunity for students and parents to review a wide-range of information on Illinois institutions and highlights the career outcomes of graduates from a particular academic area of study at a specific post-secondary institution.

PBVS Transcript

This section includes instructions for requesting transcripts for closed private business and vocational schools that have turned over student academic records to the Illinois Board of Higher Education. It also includes information on closed schools that opted to house their records outside of IBHE.

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